A pessimist sees the diff…

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. Winston Churchill

Custom Dress Shirts
  Custom dress shirt. Fine quality shirting fabric begins from cotton. Cotton that comes from various countries, from around the world. Such as Egypt, the Sea Islands, South and North America. We source out our fabric, from different fabric mills from around the world. The raw cotton is spun into yarn and is then woven into fabric for shirts. Our mens shirting fabrics are two-ply otherwise noted, meaning that two yarns have been twisted around one another to create a composite yarn for greater luxurious durability. The yarn will resists the normal tendency to shed or pill this way. Types of fabrics 100’s/120’s/140’s/160’s/170’s measures the thickness of the fabric. It is also a way to to measure the fabric quality.

Single Needle Stitching for our custom shirt sleeves.
Our sleeve: connection to the custom dress shirt body has double row stitch.
Our collars: custom mens dress shirts are hand cut individually designed to your personal taste.
Sleeve cuffs: for our custom mens shirts are hand cut and hand turned.
Shirts Tails: are always full in length, so that they don?t pop out.
Pockets: for our custom shirts are all hand cut and hand matched to the fabric pattern.
Buttons: Extra Thick Real Mother of Pearl Buttons or regular durable plastic shirt buttons are available.

Contrasting cross stitch thread color is another option, for your custom made shirts. We understand how Important options are, thats why we want to give to our customers exactlly what they need, no what they have to take in retail stores.

To order a custom handmade shirt :

1. You can directly order our shirts online.
2. You can send us a dress shirt that was custom made and we will take the measurements from that.
3. You can call or send us your stock dress shirt size and we will contact you to discuss shirt details .Mario Rojas Menswear Premiun custom Shirts Design your perfect custom Shirts Shirts starting from $59 http://www.mariorojascustomtailors.com how to make a tshirt make a tshirt custom suit custom suits bespoke suits bespoke suit custom clothier made to measure suit custom made shirts custom made shirt mens warehouse custom dress dress mens shirts men s dress shirts clothing custom dress shirt tailored dress shirts Handmade Custom Dress Shirts


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